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To acquire the items needed for class, you have a wide array of options.  We like to shop locally as much as we can, and have preferred vendors we use!  Below you will find a list of the vendors both local and internet based for everything from dance supplies, to Photographers!  

*please see any notes below each website address for discount codes or coupon info!

What are the rules?

​Art In Motion has a SHOE EXCHANGE PROGRAM and a dance clothes/costume donation program. When your dancer outgrows their dance shoes, Art In Motion will take them off your hands, clean them, and either exchange them for the next size up, OR simply take the donation for the next dancer!  This allows your dancers to grow without shrinking your wallet.​ We ask that the shoes be in good condition in order to exchange. We also take donations of dance clothes and costumes.  We use the costumes for birthday parties and performances, and/or we donate costume and dance attire to inner city studios in need.. 

At Art In Motion, we believe that the experience of our "dance family" is worth more than any amount of advertising we could ever do.  SO WE DON'T, advertise that is.  We rely on work of mouth, and with that we extend a "thank you" in the form of a tuition discount. If any person you refer to the studio registers for the studio, we will apply a 10% tuition discount to your account.  

10 referrals= free semester class 

Our top priority is the safety of our dancers and their overall enjoyment of their experience!  In order to maintain high standards of these priorities we have put in place simple policies and procedures for our customers/dancers. Please click on the below link for Art In Motion's school policies and general information.  If you require more information, please do not hesitate to call at 973-998-8186

How Do you Know?

We are all artists heart, and we would never stifle the individuality of the artists who come to the studio. Therefore, A.I.M has no real dress code, but instead a simple request for dance attire.  We ask that all students come to each class in dance attire and appropriate footwear.  We also ask that all dancers with hair that could fall in their face, pull their hair up for class.  Below you will find a list of class types with appropriate attire suggested as well as shoes style required!

Ever wonder what to look for in choosing a dance school?  Are you unsure of what questions to ask or if the answers are correct?  Well, we have tried to take the guess work out of it.  Click on the link below and give yourself a little information to help with your decision!

Who Should you tell?


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What do we Wear?

Where do we Get it?

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